Message of Consul General

Appeal of the Consul General

Dear site visitors,

Welcome to the site of the Consulate General of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Batumi city.

The Consulate General of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Batumi city was opened on the 11th

of October 2010. The Consulate covers the regions of Adzhar Autonomous Republic, as well

as Guria, Samegrelo-Zehmo Svanetia, Imereti, Racha-Lechkhoumi and Kvemo Svaneti.

I hope that this site will be useful for you to obtain necessary information about Azerbaijan,

Azerbaijan-Georgia relations and the activities of the Consulate General.    

The Republic of Azerbaijan is a state located in the East of the Southern Caucasus, Western

shore of the Caspian Sea having its own traditions and unique, centuries-long culture,

ancient history and combines various cultures and civilisations. 

In 1918, Azerbaijan announced the first democratic republic in the East, which, unfortunately, did not last long and came to an end in 1920. Azerbaijan regained its independence in 1991.

At the bare mention of “Azerbaijan” oil comes to one’s mind as the country’s main wealth. Oil is not just wealth, but also the glory. In ancient times the country was visited from far countries for a liquid with specific odour and colour coming off the ground and forming lakes. The oil filled in bottles was carried over via coffles for thousands of years to the East and West.

The oil carried from Azerbaijan was not just used for firing, but also as a valuable medicine for treating various diseases. As the centuries passed the demand for oil in nearby and far countries continuously grew, and nowadays too Azerbaijan is one of the key oil suppliers of the region and the European countries.  

Nowadays major oil projects are implemented in Azerbaijan, and Georgia is a reliable strategic partner of Azerbaijan in implementation of these projects.

Georgia and Azerbaijan are two independent states who always support each other in the international establishments. Georgia and Azerbaijan have very strong political ties. Both countries collaborate and always support each other in UNO, European Union and other international organisations.

And we always support each other when it comes to territorial integrity of our countries.

I am confident that political, economic and cultural relations between Georgia and Azerbaijan which are built on friendship, brotherhood and collaboration will develop further for the good of our nations.  

Best Regards,

Rashad Ismayilov,

The Consul General of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Batumi city