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Conception of visa, category, objective and types


Visa - is the official document providing legal origin to the foreigners and stateless persons:

  • For entrance to the country in the visa-required regime;
  • For temporarily staying in the country during the period stated in their visas;
  • For leaving the country within the rules of boundary supervision during the same period stated in their visas.

Visa consists of three categories - diplomatic, service and ordinary.


Two types of visa - entrance and transit visa granted to the foreigners and stateless persons is formalized as below:

1. Entrance visa - such kind of visa is valid from three days up to three months.

One time (ordinary) entrance visa - allows entering and exiting the country only one time during its validity period.
Multiple entrance visas - such kind of visa is valid from 1 year up to 2 years. This visa allows person for multiple entrance-exit to the country during the appropriate period.

If the visa is not used during these periods it expires.

2. Transit visa.
One time or multiple transit visas – are granted to foreigners and stateless persons traveling to third countries via the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Transit visa allows person to stay in the Republic of Azerbaijan maximum 5 days.


Foreigners and stateless persons can obtain ordinary (one time) entrance visa within the objectives as mentioned below:

  • business purpose
  • scientific purpose
  • education purpose
  • labor purpose
  • tourism purpose
  • cultural purpose
  • sport purpose
  • humanitarian purpose
  • Purpose of personal visit

Diplomatic and service entrance visa is granted only to persons coming to Azerbaijan with the official purposes.

To the attitude of foreigners and stateless persons coming for labor activity to the Republic of Azerbaijan!

Diplomatic missions and consulates of the Republic of Azerbaijan issue one time entrance visa for the foreigners or stateless persons, who come to Azerbaijan for labor activity.
According to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministry of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On issuance of personal permits for carrying out paid labor activity on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan by the foreigners and affirming the sample of this personal permit” dated 6 December 2000, foreigners and stateless persons have to apply to appropriate state bodies in order to get personal permits for labor activity in our country.

You can get information on rules of issuing personal permits for paid labor activity in the Republic of Azerbaijan by foreigners and stateless persons and related issues from the official web-pages of State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan ( ).

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