Georgian students composition about Khojaly genocide was demonstrated in Batumi.

Consulate General of Azerbaijan Republic in Batumi held memorial event dedicated to 24th anniversary of Khojaly genocide in Batumi music centre.

In the foyer of the centre where events was held demonstrated exhibition consisting of books and photos about Khojaly genocide and “Khojaly tragedy through the eyes of children “ paintings.

For the first time it was a moment of silence in memory Khojaly victims.

In his speech Rashad Ismayilov said that the Khojaly genocide is one of the worst crimes against Azerbaijan people and humanity.26 February is a sad day not only for Azerbaijan but also for humanity. It is our duty to honour the civilians who were brutally killed by Armenians.Our goal is to demonstrate this crimes commited by Armenians.

It was noted that the crimes commited by Armenians in Khojaly and other occupied territories were proved by facts. Armenian government and politicians must apologize to the people of Azerbaijan for Khojaly genocide.

In his speech Doctor, Professor of History Sciences Gulam Markhuliya said that Armenians also commited unprececented crimes in Georgia. Armenia armed forces in the occupied territories Baqramyan battalion have commited serious crimes against Georgian people. Armenians must be punished for genocide acts and terrorism in Azerbaijan and Georgia territory.

Then the Chairman of Azerbaijan community in Batumi Vidadi Akhundov spoke about Khojaly genocide.

At the end of the event Georgian students demonstrated literary-artistic composition about Khojaly genocide.


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