Archil Khabadze meets with Nakhchivan Delegation

Chairman of Ajara AR Government Archil Khabadze met with the Chairman of the Supreme Mejlis of Nakhchivan Republic Vasif Talibov.

Introductory meeting was focused on farther strengthening of bilateral relations between two regions in culture, sports, education and tourism sectors.

„Memorandum of Understanding is signed between our regions, which includes cooperation in various sectors. Treatment program for children suffering from asthma is also working in Nakhchivan. We would like to introduce our culture to people living in Nakhchivan and vice versa. I think we need to move to a new phase in our relationship. Both parties have the desire and interest of it,” – Archil Khabadze said.   

„We have been in tight contact since 2012. Cultural Days will be organized in Ajara and Nakhchivan, which will increase the connection between our regions. We also agreed to take children from socially vulnerable families to Nakhchivan for medical treatment and children from Nakhchivan will visit Batumi,” – Vasif Talibov said.  

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