Leaders of religious confessions in Azerbaijan appealed to the international community


The letter says: "We appealed  with the intention of sharing our concern about the provocatios  in the Azerbaijan-Armenia contact line , homeland Azerbaijan .This is our  duty to the Motherland  as the chaplain, as the Creator and  a citizen. We as the religious leaders always stand for peace and understanding around the world.

Existence of peace and justice are essential condition for the progress of human life and prosperity .As the leaders of various religious confessions we bring our thoughts about the recents events  to the international community with the intention of establishing just a peace.

Historically wars divided into two kinds:for occupation and for freedom and sooner or later fair part win.Now on one side tolerant, goodwill, multicultural, moving towards prosperity, self-confident Azerbaijan and  the other side is on the mono-ethnic, continuing the aggressive policy of Armenia. For many years the leading countries of the world community, international organizations’ efforts   towards the peaceful resolution for  this problem, unfortunately, does not give any result.Armenian side has not fulfilled the requirements of international law

The same approach to the occupation and occupied side,sometimes tendentious and defective decisions, not to condemn the commitment of Khojaly suicide, ignoring violotions ceasfire regime, a regular shooting of civilian population, a silence to acts of vandalism, freezing conflict instead of to meet real solution-all of these cause the conflict is a real fire in the region.

In recent days the provocations on the contact line, once again proved Armenian invader  intention.

For the first time the Azerbaijani side who prefers a peaceful solution to the conflict ,  did not want to increase the number of innocent victims and declared a ceasefire unilaterally.At that time in spite of ceasfire agreement the opposite side regularly violated.

The world including the Armenians know Karabakh is land of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan's territorial integrity is recognized by all international documents, "Nagorno Karabakh Republic" is not accepted by anyone, as a result the occupied territories are uncontrolled  and  suaitable place for illegal actions.Only Armenia defend  separatist and terrorist regime.

War has always been accompanied by human losses.But one thing is taken into consideration that those who have died for the homeland as stated in the hadith of Prophet Muhammad become in the highest peak of faith and spiritual.Armenian soldiers die for the usurper regime.

The head of state, Supreme Commander Ilham Aliyev underlined if the Armenian soldiers don’t want to die they must leave our land. Azerbaijani people’s patience is full and higly professional and patriotic Azerbaijani Army are ready to impelement Supreme Commander’s orders. Azerbaijani people supporting the peaceful policy of Azerbaijani President don’t want remain in a frozen conflict ,and wants a just peace in the framework of Azerbaijani’s territorial integrity. Libarate of its lands is the sovereign right of the Azerbaijani people. If the international law can not provide this, Azerbaijani people are able to restore justice under the control of Supreme Commander. If Armenia accepts this facts the sooner they can be saved from this misfortune.

We express the will of the religious community appeal to international community to  solve the conflict in the Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity, and fulfill 4 resolution of UN. The peaceful settlement of the conflict will contribute to establish peace and security, but also would increase trust and confidence to the international law. Otherwise we are afraid that conflict could get a wider scale. Azerbaijani religious leaders support the steps taken by the head of the state for solving conflict and pray for the peaceful resolution of the problem and demand that the invaders must withdraw from the occupied territories unconditionally.

We bow in front of the spirit of killing people in the conflict and express our deepest condolences to their families,and wish Almighty God have mercy on the martyrs and the injuried a speedy recovery.

May the Almighty Creator help us geting justice triumph in our land ! Amen.

The appeal was signed by the Chairman of the Caucasian Muslims Office Allahshukur Pashazade, Bishop Alexander of Baku and Azerbaijan, The Header of Azerbaijan's Mountain Jews community head Milikh Yevdayev, chairman of the European Jewish community in Azerbaijan Gennady Zelmanovich .



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