The book named “Khojaly witness of a war crime. Armenin in dock” was translated into Georgian language

The presentation of the book named “Khojaly witness of a war crime .Armenin in dock”  which  translated into Georgian language was held in SOCAR’s Georgian representation office in Batumi.

The employees of Consulate General and SOCAR,Georgian and Azerbaijan public figures,scientists attended in this ceremony organized by the Consulate General of Azerbaijan Republic in Batumi.

Consul General Rashad Ismayilov said that in the frame of Vice President of Haydar Aliyeva Foundation Leyla Aliyeva’s initiative in “ Juctice for Khojaly” international campaign that book was published for the first time in2014 In London.Then the book was translated into French and Russian collected Western and Russian media articles about Khojaly tragedy,photos and other investigations materials.

With the initiative efforts of Consulate General this book was translated into Georgian language and it will be an important tool to Georgian community about crimes commited by Armenians against Azerbaijan.

Rashad Ismayilov informed about Ilham Aliyev’s purposal policy for showing Khojaly realities to world community and said that with the efforts of President the occupied land will be liberated soon,the criminals will be punished.

Georgian translator of the book,Historical scineces doctor Guram Marhulia said that Armenians commited hard crimes against to Azerbaijan and Georgian people for achieving their aims.Because of being written information in archives public doesn’t know about these claims which begun in Soviet periouds. Therefore this kind of books should be enlarged and world community our nasty neighbour’s inner face.

Author emphasized that Georgian Parlament should recognize Khojaly tragedy as genocide,these events should be given the necessary political and legal assesments,offenders  will get the most severe punishment.

Well known historian Rostom Guntaishvili has analyzied massacres committed by Armenians on 25 February in 1921 in Georgia.He said that both tragedies were committed by the same forces.That said double standarts prevailing in the world must be stopped,change state borders identified by international law,violiting the provisions of the Helsinki agreements,for these Armenian government, Armenian poticians and their supporters must be punished they deserve.He stressed the importence of establishment of UN special commission for learning the causes and consequences of Khojaly genocide and punish guilters.

Then the Chairman of Azerbaijani communityin Batumi Vidadi Akhundov,editor of “Adjara P.S.”newspaper Jamal Meqrelidze and others talked about Khojaly tragedy and other crimes againsdt Azerbaijan and Georgian people by Armenian separatists.


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